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About Us

We bring extraordinary stories to life.

We have over three decades* of experience in storytelling in the worlds of publishing, television, radio, audio production and more.

(*Not combined. That's just one of us. He was in the original live action play Dancing With Dinosaurs. With Dinosaurs. It was a hard life. Anyone else remember the 90s? Warm it up Kris! I need some cotton in my eyes, Joe. Remember the time? Don't go chasing waterfalls!)

Anywaaaay....We're sexy. And humble. And funny. And badass. You know the kind of people who bring the party to the party? The ones you want to go on road trips with because you love laughing your ass off? That's us. And did we say humble? 

Hello, nice to meet you! This is your people.

Our Story

Oh. We kinda already did that. 

But since you're here...

(Clears throat and grabs five pages of notes...)

We want to thank... hmm. Hold it... wrong notes.


Drew and Lana were family friends for about a minute before starting to work together. As storytellers, voice actors, directors and designers, there's a creative spark that lights them up. As producers, there's an intensity about their work that drives them to aim ever higher.


L'Bleu is what happens when magic meets blood, sweat and fears.

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