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About Us

Ancestral story

After working in the worlds of publishing, television, radio, audio production, fashion and disaster communication, we've brought each of our superpowers together to make incredible stories in each of the mediums we love. 

Stories are intrinsic to being human. They help us make sense of the world. They are the roots on which humanity is built. Maori have a form of story called Purakau. That word carries the picture of the roots that give strength and power to the huge trees (rakau). Our ancestral story roots, our team's respective family 'trees', go back to the Scandinavians, Slavs, Rus, Siberians, French, English and Maori who traversed the continents until putting down 'roots' in Aotearoa New Zealand.


We grew up with stories from our ancestors, passed on by word of mouth, woven into design, fashioned into accessories and sent forth in song.

These roots nurture our own stories, into which we blend our life's experiences, love and inspiration. It's a potent magic cocktail designed to lift the human spirit, free the mind and open you to your own possibilities.


It is our powerful belief that if you have ever felt you were destined for more, you are. We hope that our stories can give you the strength to discover your destiny or, if you already have, then the strength to keep following your path, enjoy the journey and express who you're meant to be. 


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